About The Generational Index


Our product, “The Generational Index”, is focused today on the young generations (under 35s) and branded the “Millennial Friendly Index”.


The product was designed by the founder, Lisa Smith, with the assistance of researchers and data scientists in DCU and Trinity College. Using Lisa’s Leadership and influence on thoday’s generations, we have gathered demographic and attitudinal information from a large number of college students, college graduates, sports club members, young workers and early career young people throughout the country.


We are then able to map this onto a three-dimensional graph covering 18 areas relevant to young people and companies alike. Companies are then mapped against this database. From this the company gets an index score which is used in attraction and branding and the full graph gives them actionable insights so they can focus their resources to the areas that provide the maximum returns in terms of engagement and retention.


The assessment tool brings benefits in 4 areas:


  • Attract candidates that genuinely want to work for you reducing the no show, no thanks costs. Typically, there is a 15 % rate of “no show or no thanks” which can cost 10-18% per projected salary
  • Productivity increase – by modernising the workplace, employers can increase productivity by up to 10% – in a 10 person team this can be in the region of 50-60K per annum
  • Retention. Attrition has three impacts – loss of productivity, reduced morale impact on the other team members and cost of hiring and ramping the replacement hire. The cost can exceed the annual cost of a person. So on a 50K hire this can cost 50K+. Brand damage may also be done if the wrong hire leaves and targets the Brand online.
  • Branding – Companies participating in the Index will be included in a publication distributed to colleges thereby positioning themselves as leaders in the race for talent.


We are currently working with Innovative Organisations to Modernise their workforce and Future proof there business measuring against the Only Truly Objective Tool on the Market. 

The Race for Talent is becoming more competitive,  set your side apart from your competitors  and Leader.  Allow our Index shout about your success and certification